Innovatrics ExpressID AFIS Government

Innovatrics ExpressID AFIS Government 1.0

Complete fingerprint matcher software for large-scale fingerprint identification

ExpressID AFIS is a complete fingerprint matcher software for large-scale fingerprint identification. ExpressID AFIS searches for fingerprints in the database and identifies individuals based on their fingerprints. ExpressID AFIS is used by system integrators to build fingerprint identification applications for their customers (government, enterprises, banks, hospitals, retail stores, etc.).

ExpressID AFIS package contains all parts necessary for setting up complex identification applications, such as high-speed matching engine, fingerprint search-database management and client-server architecture. This allows system integrators to focus on their application's specifics such as graphical user interface, application logic or integration with customer's proprietary applications.

ExpressID AFIS has a scalable architecture, allowing the Matching Server component to be installed on several matching computers to distribute the workload and increase matching speed. Therefore, ExpressID can search large-scale databases ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of fingerprints.

Features and Benefits
-Exhaustive Search - Every database search is performed exhaustively comparing every record. The exhaustive search does not create data loss and ensures significantly better accuracy than standard classification and indexing algorithms.
-Innovatrics IEngine™ - ExpressID AFIS contains Innovatrics IEngine™ core, high-speed fingerprint identification algorithm, reaching a matching speed of up to 50 000 000 fingerprints per second on one computer (2x Intel 6-Core™ processor or equivalent).
-Client-Server - Based on client-server architecture, ExpressID AFIS allows remote clients such as enrollment stations and identification stations to communicate with the Matching Server through SOAP protocol, over the Web or LAN. This allows rapid implementation of AFIS on a pre-existing network.
-Standard Hardware - Unlike other more costly AFIS systems, ExpressID runs on standard PC hardware and is easy to set up.
-Scalable - ExpressID Matching Server can be installed either on one computer or on several computers allowing workload distribution and increase in matching speed.
-Sensor Independent - ExpressID AFIS is sensor independent, which allows the end-user or system integrator to choose the suitable fingerprint scanner for their application based on image size, cost or technology (optical, capacitive, thermal).
-Any SQL Database - ExpressID Matching Server can be connected to almost any database available on the market such as Oracle, MS SQL or MySQL.

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